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Well, it was a busy day on the River today! No fishing, but I did spend most of the day on the River. I took Andrew&Darby Grissom, Owasso, Ok. on a little boat ride today. We left from Chilton Creek boat ramp and ran up to Blue Springs and walked up to see the spring. They thought it was pretty neat! We then started our way back downriver taking our time floating and swimming. Took time out to eat a baloney, cheese, and fresh tomato (from our garden) sandwich. All in all, a great day to be on the River. Later, The Riverman

Riverman was on the Hook and Hunt show on Saturday mornings on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

I fished today with Steve Schiffner out of OK city, Ok. Steve hosts the Hook and Hunt show on Saturday mornings on the Radio Oklahoma Network. It was a great day to be on Current River. The River is still running a little high and fast from all the snow melt and rain, but we caught fish! We threw a little bit of everything at them with the biggest fish hitting a chartreuse and white spinner bait. The highlight of the trip, I think, was we saw a pair of nesting bald eagles with one of them sitting on the nest! Hope to see you on the River!


Tonite was the last nite of gigging season till this fall, so I took my gigging partner, Anthony Buffington and his 79 year old father and Dusty Dowdy. Put in at Big Spring boat ramp and ran down to the lower end of Witte Hole and turned around and started gigging. The wind was blowing a light breeze up the river, not bad at first. We found a few fish, one of which, was a 3# or so hog sucker. We come up out of Witte Hole and came into Long Bay. The last two fish I got were hog suckers. I saw them laying about four inches apart in six feet of water. I gigged the first one and the second one didn't run. I just raised my gig a little, moved over and punched the second one. Two suckers on one gig! The second time I have ever done this and both times were this season. The wind really started blowing hard shortly later, so we had what we needed and headed to the ramp. What a way to end the season! The gigging rail comes off now, boat gets power washed, trolling motor put on and rigged for smallmouth. We have a benefit tournament coming up in two weeks for the Nutrition Center in Ellington, Mo.


Well, we put another one in the books last night. Anthony and I went down to our honey hole. We killed (9) real quick, cleaned and headed to the house to fry'em up. 

Have fish...Will travel!

Well, tonight was the night. My gigging partner and I have laid off for a couple of weeks and we thought it was time we got back in the game. So, we headed off down to our honey hole and commenced to laying 'em in the boat! The gig was fly in' and the suckers were dyin'! I needed a few extra for some special friends that are coming up from Oklahoma in a couple of days. We ended up with a combination of 21 hogs and yellers. The water is still murky below Big Spring, but we managed! Gonna be some fine eating in our future. ~ January 21, 2015

The gig was fly in' and the suckers were dyin' last night. Hadn't been for a while, so Anthony and I moseyd off down Current River to our favorite honey hole. Anthony got us some suckers real quick and we had'em cleaned and the boat loaded and heading home by 6:30. Hot grease here we come! 12/31/14

The gig was flyin' last night and the suckers were dyin'! 18 in about an hour, cleaned and ready for the hot grease. Anthony and I fried up a few on the River bank and had fish sandwiches. It just don't get much better than this!


The gigs were flyin' and the suckers were dyin' last night. I took my gigging partner, Anthony Buffington and Mike Price, Sikeston, Mo. It was a great night to be on the River, water has cleared and got cold, slowing the suckers down. We killed a combination of hogs and yellers totaling up to 31! Call me and book your gigging trip! 

It was a good night. Moon coming up bright and smoke on the water! Thank God I'm a Country Boy!


I took Keith, Roger, and Royal Kirchner of Springfield, Mo. gigging. We had a good evening, the gigs were flying and the suckers were dying! We ended up a combination of 14 hog suckers and yellers. Got 'em cleaned, boat loaded, then back to the house for fried suckers, river chips, and hush puppies. Also, had homade slaw and pickled green tomatoes.


Took my gigging partner, Anthony Buffington, and my brother-in- law, Tommy Towner, gigging. Anthony was doing the gigging, I was driving the boat, and Tommy, was the counter. The gig was fly in' and the suckers were dyin' tonite!


Jess and Patsy Atkinson from West Plains, MO. We had a beautiful day to be on the River. A little windy but still nice. They caught fish all day long with the biggest going a solid 15 inches. 


Bull Elk I saw on my way to Pin Oak.

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